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City discusses Hatcher Road work

Talks are underway about improving Hatcher Road in North Central Phoenix.

The city of Phoenix plans to pave the road between 19th and 7th avenues this spring and/or summer and has also been discussing possibly making other upgrades to the road. At a recent meeting, city officials also talked about other potential ways it could improve the flow of vehicles, bicycles and people on the road. Proposed lane reconfigurations and additional bicycle lanes are possibilities. This proposed project would alter the striping of the lanes on this part of Hatcher Road from two vehicle travel lanes in each direction to one vehicle travel lane in each direction and would add a center turn lane, as well as buffered bicycle lanes heading in each direction.

This proposal would offer more separation between vehicles and bicyclists/pedestrians and offer a link to existing bike lanes on Hatcher Road east of 7th Avenue. Because the city is planning to pave that section of Hatcher Road anyway, it gives the city a “blank slate” to consider lane striping changes, according to Heather Murphy, Communications and Public Engagement official with the city of Phoenix’s Street Transportation Department.

City staff members will make a final review after studying public input and applying engineering judgment before determining whether to pursue the proposed changes.




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