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City YouTube channel features Phoenix Pets

Phoenix is all about its furry friends. Pets are part of the city’s extended family and are welcome in so many places. For some time now, the city’s PHXTV channel has been exploring where “fur families” can have a good time, as part of its series, “Phoenix Pets.”

Viewers on PHXTV and at the city’s YouTube channel can enjoy the latest installments of “Phoenix Pets,” including “Navigator Buddies” and “Phoenix Pet Friendly Places.” A total of four episodes have been produced quarterly since 2017.

At the end of the show, there are some pet friendly tips that can always come in handy as a pet owner.

To view all of the episodes, look for the playlist on the city of Phoenix’s YouTube page at, click on “Playlists” at the top, and scroll down to Phoenix Pets.


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