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Train in comfort of your home

Emily Daley, a Sunnyslope native, has been helping families train their dogs for more than 15 years. She serves the Phoenix pet owner population through her business, PAWS 4 Obedience.

“I not only focus on eliminating canine behavioral problems, but also building the relationship between dog and owner,” Daley explains. “The in-home dog training programs are designed to set your dog up for success, and to provide you with long-lasting results. It doesn’t matter what the behavioral problem or need is, I can help.”

Rather than being domineering or breaking a dog’s spirit, Daley says she aims to present positive choices and guide your dog to reap the benefits of training and good behavior. She has dealt with all sorts of behaviors, from nonstop barking, counter surfing, jumping on guests, and pulling on the leash, to separation anxiety, fearful behavior, and aggression toward people or other dogs.

To check out the menu of training programs or to schedule a consultation, call 602-488-4006 or e-mail


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