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Phoenix College open new nursing center

The Phoenix College Center for Nursing Excellence held its grand opening on Feb. 20 at its new location, 3700 N. 3rd Ave.

The newly renovated center, located near 3rd Avenue and Clarendon, features a realistic hospital-like environment with dozens of hospital beds. The program is heavily focused on hands-on simulation with the use of high- and low-fidelity simulators—mannequins that cry, breathe, and make other noises.

IT plays an important role in the new building. Large monitors have been placed throughout the building, in classrooms, study rooms, conference rooms and even the common areas. This will allow for not only increased technology use within the classroom, but also has the capability for live-streaming on all monitors.

Phoenix College purchased two properties for the new nursing center, at 3700 N. 3rd Ave. and 3717 N. 3rd Ave.—the second one for supplemental parking and meeting space. The purchase of the two properties took place in 2011 for just over $1.9 million. Construction costs were approximately $5 million. The purchase and construction were funded by the 2004 General Obligation Bond fund.

The nursing program currently has 240 students. With the increase in space the enrollment is expected to increase to 360 within the next two years.

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