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All-you-can-eat chicken fried steak

How does a Texas-themed restaurant observe it’s 28-year anniversary? It celebrates the biggest way possible. Prepare yourself for the return of “all-you-can eat Chicken Fried Steak” at Texaz Grill, Oct. 17 through Oct. 26. For $15 per person, per visit, the chicken-fried goodness doesn’t stop until you throw in the towel.

Texaz Grill’s 28th anniversary happens to fall around National Chicken Fried Steak Day (Oct. 26). The offer comes with a few restrictions: to-go orders are not allowed, no doggy bags, and guests are not allowed to share their endless supply of Chicken Fried Steak.

Texaz Grill is located at 6003 N. 16th St. For more information, call 602.248.STAR (7827) or visit

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