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Routine, honest talks can help kids at home

If you feel overwhelmed by all the information publicized about COVID-19 and do not know how to talk to your children about it, there are easy tips experts recommend you follow.

Funda Bachini, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and associate program director of Phoenix Children’s fellowship program, recommends you create a comfortable space at home and ask your kids about their thoughts on the Coronavirus. Answer their questions and if they express anxiety tell them that it is normal to feel that way.

Bachini suggests you be honest with your children and tell them everyone is working to try to make things better and help those that are sick. If you stay calm that will help your children stay calm. Limit the amount of TV coverage you let your kids watch.

It is important to keep routines as much as you can, including regular bedtimes and wake-up routines, Bachini said. Create a schedule where your children can engage in work and fun activities, including baking as a way to learn math and science skills. Connect your children to relatives and friends through FaceTime, Skype and phone calls.



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