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Local center offers ‘Fire & Ice’ facial

Arizona Facial Plastics at 3102 E. Indian School Road, Suite 140, offers the “Fire & Ice” facial, a treatment that reportedly helps decrease signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. The lasers used in the facial are non-ablative, meaning they resurface the skin and stimulate collagen that can lead to more youthful looking skin. InStyle Magazine voted it the number one celebrity facial and celebrities reportedly get it so often it’s been called the “Red Carpet Facial.”

At Arizona Facial Plastics, the LaseMD laser by Lutronic is used and it creates micro points of light to target pigment in the skin, as well as stimulate cell turnover and collagen production. Next, staff members use the Frozen C Cryotherapy device which targets the face with concentrated super-cooled carbon dioxide to destroy surface bacteria, shrink pores and boost healing. The treatment ends with a customized cooling mask as the client relaxes under the LED lights.

Besides helping to create a more youthful appearance, this treatment also is very effective for helping patients with acne scars resurface their skin. For those with active acne, Arizona Facial Plastics recommends they first get a hydrafacial regimen to cleanse, hydrate and rebuild their skin. To learn more about Arizona Facial Plastics, visit



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