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Kethcart moves location, pursues TMJ/sleep apnea

Stephanie Kethcart, DDS, has made the decision to change paths from full-time dentistry to pursue her TMJ/sleep apnea practice, with the opening of the Central Phoenix Center for TMJ, Pain and Sleep Disorders (CPC). She has moved her practice to 1277 E. Missouri Ave., #102.

At CPC, Dr. Kethcart specializes in diagnosing and treating TMJ and sleep disorders with Oral Appliance Therapy. CPC offers a unique approach by comprehensively evaluating the whole person to get to the origin of the problem. The goal is to help each patient heal their body with dental appliances and orthotics, nutrition, education, and physician support to breathe and sleep better, thus improving quality of life.

For more information, call 602-812-4326 or visit


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