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Borrow a book and learn something new

Mazvo Car Care Center, 4610 N. 7th St., has put a lot of time and effort into making a visit to the property something more than just a nondescript waiting room experience.

Over the years, a cozy patio area with tables, chairs and umbrellas has been added, and the owner’s other enterprise, the Flying Pigeon Food Truck, services car care customers and hungry passers-by as well on a regular basis.

The latest addition to the customer-friendly atmosphere is a free library, modeled after the “Little Free Library” movement that has grown around the country. But this library is unique, in that all the books are educational. The owners ask that if you donate a book, make it educational as well. Topics could include gardening, car repair basics, history, biographies, etc.

The library box is located just outside the car care center’s security gates, so it is available all day, at any time.


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