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Vouchers help with caregiver respite

Family caregivers work tirelessly and selflessly—often to the detriment of their own health and emotional well-being—to provide assistance to loved ones who are living with disabilities. The Arizona Caregiver Coalition aims to provide these family caregivers temporary respite (a break) from their full-time roles as caregivers.

Respite “rebates” can be used by family caregivers to recover costs for in-home or facility-based respite care services that they secure on their own, so they can relax and enjoy a short break from their duties. Qualified caregivers who complete the application process and meet the eligibility are issued respite rebate vouchers worth up to $300.

The caregiver is reimbursed $12 an hour for each hour invoiced by the respite provider or agency. Caregivers are responsible for any fees that exceed the maximum hourly rate of $12 or $300.

Call the Caregiver Resource Line at 888-737-7494 to inquire about eligibility. Out-of-home service agencies in North Central Phoenix that qualify for this rebate program include Foundation for Senior Living (FSL), and SunTree Adult Day Health & School.

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