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Bring in a lifeguard for home pool party

If you are planning a pool party at your home and are worried about who will be watching the kids, Lifeguard for Hire can take some of that worry away.

Lifeguard for Hire, LLC, which provides lifeguards for pool parties, was started by North Central residents Tim Kasovac and his wife, Pam, known for Pam’s School of Swim.

Using Lifeguard For Hire takes away the stress of supervising other people’s children swimming in your pool and gives the party hosts a chance to enjoy their own party as well as the guests. In addition, Lifeguard for Hire carries its own liability insurance, which you cannot always expect from someone who has simply taken a Red Cross or other lifeguard certification course.

For an extra cost, the lifeguard will even organize pool games for the kids. Check out the Lifeguard for Hire page at, call 602-451-3573, or e-mail


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